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  • I love feeling like I am part of a shoot, like I am adding to the creativity and ideas behind an image, rather than simply being portrayed inside a finished image. For me, this is where FACTORY311 have outshone every company I have worked with prior. I felt like I was part of the team, creatively and socially. The images created felt personal to me, on a level above any before. FACTORY311 portrayed me in a way I would have done for myself if I had been in full control; in fact they went above and beyond what I could have imagined. They have the ability to see and understand exactly what it is that you are looking for from the shoot and the finished product. I have often been on sets, that in order to finish within a deadline and achieve what is needed, the atmosphere has been relatively serious and work enforced. FACTORY311's level of organisation and professionalism is undeniable, yet they create a friendly, comfortable feel for all the talent involved. FACTORY311 surpasses all expectations professionally and creatively. I would not hesitate to recommend, or certainly, and I hope to; work with again myself.

    Rosie Roff

  • Working with Nick and his team at FACTORY311 is always a great experience, they have an impressive portfolio - able to adopt the vision of whomever they are working with and build on that to create something very special. They have a very straightforward attitude about what is needed, what is attainable, without ever treading on the toes of anyone’s imagination. Which is a very difficult thing to master! Especially when your ideas are as far fetched as mine can be. This is one of the many reasons they will continue to go from strength to strength.

    Caggie Dunlop

  • An uncompromising ethic when it comes to quality, creativity and devotion to your project. Nick and all the team at FACTORY311 instantly shared our enthusiasm and appetite for the sleek and the panache that can't be 'just' captured. These guys are the fire to make you burn that little brighter.

    Ollie Wride @ Joywride

  • From meeting 311 at a bus stop en route to Sainsburys to shooting on a rooftop in Soho is crazy, they've grown leaps and bounds for the time that I've known them and they deserve it. The future's bright, the future is 311!

    Dudley O’Shaughnessy @ Next Models

  • Having worked with 311 across a number of different projects, from the small to not-so-small, I have no hesitation in recommending them as a creative partner. I’ve found dealing with their team a delight, be it at 10am or 10pm. If the project needs some extra attention they’re not afraid to go that extra mile to give you something special. In a demanding market it's easy to be attracted by price, but when it comes to dedication, creativity and know-how 311 are worth their weight in gold. I’m yet to be disappointed.

    Arsenal Broadband Ltd

  • When I spoke to FACTORY311 - I knew I didn't have to look any further for representation. They are honest and open to all my crazy ideas - and probably best of all, they're not full of themselves. I love being around people who feel just as strongly about this business as I do myself. I don't think they ever sleep at 311... hmm... Oh yeah... and they're just as crazy as me, well almost!

    Henrik Adamsen

  • I would highly recommend FACTORY311 to anyone who needs a creative, energetic and innovative design team to take their programming to the next level. The team are passionate and committed professionals who always add their style and expertise to the project. Their work is to the highest possible standard and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to any other professionals in my industry.

    Arsenal Media

  • I worked with Henrik and the team at FACTORY311 to shoot our Autumn Winter LookBook. The results are amazing and they were a dream to work with. They really got the whole concept of what the brand is about without any long discussions and direction from our side. Nothing fazed them, it was really chilled and I highly recommend them!

    Fiona Paxton

  • I'm really excited to be part of FACTORY311. I love the people FACTORY311 represent and I think it fits me perfectly. Things happen for a reason! I think we have the same ideas and direction, and I like it!

    Lionel Deluy

  • Working with FACTORY311 was such a pleasure. Not only are they a true class act, but their creative ideas and talent are above the rest. The design team is so personable and they take the time to really get to know their clients and what they want. I couldn’t have been more pleased with their work.

    Adam Lambert

  • True talent, true passion, true creativity. The best out there!

    19 Entertainment

  • FACTORY311 team are so personal and genuine about their business. They have a creative vigor that is rare to find in this industry and reminds us that doing what you love is not work at all. They understand the big picture and the importance of global business and global kindness.

    Jamie Nelson

  • With an impressive diverse portfolio of international projects, FACTORY311 is fast becoming one of the most reliable and indispensable resources for lovers of high-end fashion photography.

    1000 Words Photography

  • Working with FACTORY311 is nothing short of a professional joy. Its roster of artists, designers and photographers offer something few agencies can match, while the outfit’s professional character, drive and downright charisma makes foe a genuinely creative partnership on any type of project.

    Computer Arts Magazine

  • To find people in our industry like FACTORY311 is like finding a needle in a haystack. FACTORY311 is sharp, hot, creative and lovely, a combination which makes them very unique. And they definitely know what they want, only the best. Which pushes their artists to the edge.

    Sabine Liewald

  • Since Day 1 FACTORY311 has been truly the biggest inspiration of our business, an exquisite representation of creative talent with an outstandingly kind and professional staff, delivering top notch work.

    SCHÖN! Magazine

  • Working with FACTORY311 is straightforward, fun and never complicated - Just how I like it!

    Cosmopolitan Magazine UK

  • For me the FACTORY311 team has a new point of view on photography, more actual, more reactive and more visionary. I think the overall approach of the agency primarily serves the artist, and that is why FACTORY311 is my new home.

    Eric Canto

  • FACTORY311, A real all-accomplished project for image consultancy, a very professional staff with whom it is a pleasure having business.

    Vanity Fair Italy

  • FACTORY311 is a genuine team of visionaries who explore creativity at its finest and collaborate with some of the most outstanding photographers and talents in the world.

    SNAP! Orlando