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Blog Of The Week – Ben Trovato

Monday, June 20th, 2011

This week we are proud to introduce Ben Trovato, a blog full of fashion, inspiration, new emerging and established talent, at all our virtual fingertips. So whether you are starting out in photography, need a hand with styling tips or simply want to be in the know-how, Ben Trovato’s showcase has the visuals. Marius Troy, the CEO and creator of Ben Trovato was kind enough to allow us to interview him this morning and give us an insight into him and the world of Ben Trovato.

Rochelle: Good morning Marius, to start, a question I have wanted to ask for some time is… Who is Ben Trovato?
Marius: Ben Trovato is a stage, a world provenance for fashion photography, an unbeatable source of talent and inspiration. I guess if you ask ‘who’, I guess you’re looking for a personality…Then that’s me I guess. Always craving the new, the arising.

Rochelle: How did the creation of Ben Trovato blog begin?

Marius: Well, it started out as a blog to sort out my own inspirations. I’ve always had a love for fashion photography, and my shelves at home are filled with magazines. So I started Ben Trovato with the intention of saving up inspiration, but after some research I found that there wasn’t really any source to find up and coming artists. All I found around the web was shoots by Meisel, Tesitino etc. No one was sticking up for the little guy. There really wasn’t any stage for the stars of tomorrow. And that’s how Ben Trovato was created.

Rochelle: What grabs your attention about a photographer and makes their work good enough to feature on your site?

Marius: I guess I’m often looking for potential. When you’re judging the works of young inexperienced photographers it’s important to look behind just the photograph, it’s more about ideas and concepts. A young up and coming artist wont have the same skill set or experience as a photographer shooting for Vogue. So I’m looking for signs or indications that the photographer will make it in the future.

Rochelle: Can you let us in on how you source your photographers?

Marius: Well, I used to spend hours every day looking for suitable photographers. Now I get hundreds of emails every week of promising artists looking to get featured. Plus I’ve got a few scouts always keeping me updated if they find anything. As Ben Trovato has grown so much, I really don’t have the time to research so much anymore.

Rochelle: I think we found you first, but when did you discover FACTORY311 and our photographers?

Marius: Oh, let me think. I think it was while having an email conversation with Henrik Adamsen actually. He told me he’d just got an agent in London, that was when I found you. I think he was appointed director of photography on a british cinema film as well, if I remember it right. Great guy.

Rochelle: Ben Trovato features a lot of the FACTORY311 photographers, what is it about our photographers you like?

Marius: Well, I guess it’s vica versa. I have featured your photographers, and you have signed photographers I have featured. I like to think we both see the potential in the artists, and that’s why we often go for the same ones. And I actually really like the personalities you’ve signed, they are people I’ve got a good professional relationship with.

Rochelle: I think we know the answer to this one, but which one of FACTORY311 photographers is your favourite? And why?

Marius: To be fair, I like many of your photographers, and I really don’t have a favorite. I like Jamie Nelson for her brilliant control of colour and expression, I like Henrik Adamsen for his fantastic location and model choices, I love Andrew Kuykendall for his vintage and edgy style, and of course Antonella Arismendi for her passion and pureness. I also want to mention Sigurd Grünberger who I’ve also featured. He’s got some real potential.

Rochelle: FACTORY311 would love to work with you and Ben Trovato more in the future, what kind of projects do you foresee us doing together?

Marius: Oh, that’s a tough one. I would love to create something from scratch together with Factory311 and your artists. Maybe a limited edition printed mag, or maybe a project online there are endless possibilities. Both FACTORY311 and Ben Trovato are sources of talent, and any project we would do together would be fantastic.

It’s been a pleasure speaking with you Marius, and I’m sure we are going to give the readers something special here with this insight into you and Ben Trovato. All I have to say is watch this space!

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