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Debonair: A contemporary view of vintage eyewear

Wednesday, February 1st, 2012

Founded in 2010, Deja Vu Refinery are a relatively new name in the world of designer spectacles and sunglasses. Offering a range of classic and classy designs, the company has developed a brand in Debonair that takes inspiration from an equally cool selection of actors. Priced at $333 each, the Debonair range currently consists of 31 possible frame and lens combinations.

FACTORY311 caught up with Jason Pollak, founder of Deja Vu Refinery, to talk about the Debonair range and his plans for the brand.

Q. Why sunglasses?
Sophisticated spectacles and sunspectacles are the quintessential fixture for any man of letters and stature. They separate the men from the gentlemen.

Q. Why do you think vintage styling has such great appeal?
Timeless style has great appeal. Some eras produced things that are timeless. For example, a 1970s or 1940s lapel is dated. Yet, a club collared dress shirt from a span of about 40 years of production, is timeless – just a smart timeless design. The Japanese and French and Italians all respect the timelessness of some luxury items and some designs. I think we all do, but some chose to focus on the fact that these things were often produced and then ignored or forgotten until rediscovered or refined.

Q. Who do you think the Debonair range is aimed at?
Debonair is a must for all wardrobes. We cover preppy to punky, casual luxury to distressed formal. Nobody wears only one colour clothing each day of the year, so we have that covered as well.

Q. Has it been difficult setting up a new venture during a worldwide recession?
Not at all. Luxury for self, as opposed to luxury for show, is a great industry to be in. Those that know mens luxury eyewear from past experiences browsing and owning, are easy to please with our offerings. They flood our site with orders from almost day one of business. We are lucky to cater to such a confident and informed crowd of gentlemen.

Q. Do you hope to expand the Deja Vu Refinery brand to other accessories?
We don’t hope, we do. We are a mens’ luxury lifestyle brand. Debonair took more than six years to perfect and bring to market. We’ve been busily working on many other necessities the whole time.

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