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Duality of Beauty – Brandon Showers & Mathias Alan

Monday, June 6th, 2011

We caught up with FACTORY311′s friend, Brandon Showers and found out what he had been up to lately. He sent us this fantastic beauty shoot and explained how it came about, enjoy!

This shoot was a collaboration between myself and makeup artist Mathias Alan. Mathias and I have been working together creatively for a little over a year. Much of the content in my book are shoots that we we worked on together during our free time. We get along really well and typically see eye to eye when it comes to the collaborative process. I had been wanting to do a beauty shoot that really focused on the makeup as a whole; no wardrobe, no real hair styling, no complex backgrounds. I wanted it to be completely makeup driven and showcase Mathias’ talents at his core. I had been wanting to work with the model, Lauren Callaway of Industry Models here in LA, whose face is perfect for beauty; symmetrical, proportionate features, and fantastic skin! Normally I storyboard a photo shoot with lots of references and inspirational tears, but I knew that Mathias could handle the challenge of a beauty story completely centralized around the makeup, so I waited until the morning of the shoot and we figured it out in about 15 minutes.

We used the theme “Duality of Beauty” as the inspirational reference. We wanted to show how color can be used on a woman’s face to showcase two contrasting yet congruent styles of beauty. On one side of the woman’s face Mathias painted an avante garde manifestation of the color story, using sharp angles and intense blocks of pigment to divide out specific areas of her bone structure. He payed close attention to the style of lighting that we were using in order to highlight her specific facial features. One side of the face portrayed a more avant-garde makeup style while on the opposite side, he used the same color palette and presented a softer more wearable version of the color story using the same hues as the first half, but pulling back vastly on the pigmentation and saturation. He worked in mostly cream textures, setting the overall palette with translucent powder, then went over the specific areas of blocking with correlating matte eyeshadow and blush colors to set the pigment and bring out even more intensity.

I think that my favorite image out of the series is the pink and yellow makeup. It was the first image that we shot and I feel like it achieved everything on the first try, which is a real testament to a good team. The rest of the series fell into place because of the success with the first image.

Photography: Brandon Showers www.brandonshowers.com
Makeup Artist: Mathias Alan www.mathias4makeup.carbonmade.com

Model: Lauren Callaway @ Industry Models

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