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ERIC CANTO & 311 @ SONISPHERE, Amneville – 2011

Monday, July 25th, 2011

A couple of weeks ago our live events photographer Eric Canto was called to work Sonisphere Festival in Amneville, not only to check out the scenery and listen to the thrash metal’s ‘big four’, but to do a little work too. We got an exclusive low down from Eric about his shift for ROCKONE Magazine where he got up close and very personal to some of the very heavy metal legends!

The man they call Canto got backstage access to Airbourne, Slayer, Anthrax and Slipknot where he documented the rock gods as they worked. And if that wasn’t enough ROCKONE magazine got him to chill out with a small band called Metallica only for him to then get up on stage with Bring Me The Horizon where he was the band’s appointed photographer on the festival’s Apollo Stage!  Also appointed as Mass Hysteria’s official photographer, The Life of a Rockstar Photographer took the only printed copy of the Mass Hysteria publication where it was the first time the band got their hands on the book and had a chance to flick through the tour imagery and reminisce.

When Metallica graced the stage our boys got so close that they turned into little girls by the mere sight of James Hetfield and the Metallica crew. Having full backstage access to a festival like this is definitely the way to rock ‘n’ roll, so we’d like to thank everyone who made us feel so welcome and see you next year! The 4 Day epic festival definately made our Creative Director Nick Hardy remember his roots, smashing it up with his new Jackson Randy Rhodes edition, poor neighbours! Want to see Eric at work?
Check him out at http://www.canto-photographer.com/

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