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Inside 311 with Carsten Witte

Monday, September 19th, 2011

FACTORY311 with Carsten Witte

FACTORY311: What was your inspiration for this shoot/image? What was the location of the shoot?
Carsten Witte: This shot was taken in the Hotel Imperial in Vienna. It was famous as an meeting point for secret agents during the cold war. Taken from a series describing a night of waiting without any result…

F311: Are there things like music, art and culture that influence your work?
C.W: Music is an essential thing on shootings for me. Very often I create playlists on my ipod to enhance the moods during the production. But mostly I am inspired by movies.

F311: Is there anyone you would like to work in the future with?
C.W: I would love to work with movie actors/actresses since their opportunity to act out feelings is even better than models.

F311: Your favorite shoot to date? Why?
C.W: My favourite shot took place in 1993 during my examen in the Death Valley. I was following the tracks of an movie called Zabriskie Point by director Michelangelo Antonioni when I passed an radiator water tank on a deserted road. It was this Deja Vu feeling like I had stepped back in time for 25 years. You can find this image on my behance profile. Ist located in the Zabriskie Point gallery.

F311: Who was in charge of styling and hair&make-up?
C.W: Hair&MakeUp was done by Thomas Lorenz from Vienna Rep. By Louisa MakeUp Studio. The lingerie was the models own.

F311: Who do you admire? Why?
?C.W: I am a dedicated admirer of Davis Lynchs cinematographic work. His aestetics, light and above all, the impossibility to understand whats going on. And, he´s just doing it, no matter if it will sell or not.

F311: Any professional regrets?
C.W: No, not at all!

F311: When will you come and visit us at the new FACTORY311 Soho HQ?
C.W: I would like to come any time! But first I have to finish the preparations for my next two exhibits. You are on my schedule!

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