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Inside 311 with Cyril Lagel

Monday, September 26th, 2011

FACTORY311 with Cyril Lagel

Factory311: What was your inspiration for this shoot/image?
Cyril Lagel: The inspiration of this image is to create a disappointed red lips série, very graphical and a lot of different fabric on the lips starting with matte tones and finishing with glossy ones.

F311: Are there things like music, art and culture that influence your work? 
C.L: Usually not, I find my ideas in a real life, the actuality, looking at my friends, family and think about what I like and what to look for.

F311: What work would you like to do in the future?
C.L: Yes I would like to create a beauty story inside deep water 

F311: Your favorite shoot to date? Why?
C.L: Is was for a Citroen advert, they gave me white card to create a beauty story to promote a car =)

F311: What was the location of this shoot? (If studio -where)
C.L: I shot this story in my loft studio in Paris.

F311: Who was in charge of styling and hair&make-up?
C.L: The make up artist is: Corinne Lebreton @ B4 agency and the hair artist is : Richard Blandel  @ B4 agency

F311: Who do you admire? Why?
C.L: Not really some one, I admire a lot of great ideas, motivation, but nobody is perfect all the time.

F311: Any professional regrets? 
C.L: Starting the photographer job late (30 years).

F311: When will you come and visit us at the new FACTORY311 Soho HQ’s? 
C.L: I hope soon, when I have a job in the UK, I promise I will come to visit you.

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