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Inside 311 with Richard Stow

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011

Inside 311 with Richard Stow

F311: What was your inspiration for this shoot/image?
Richard Stow: The inspiration was 50′s Americana.

F311: Your favourite shoot to date? Why?
R.S: Possibly this one – We had no idea what to expect and it all came together so well!

F311: What was the location of this shoot? (If studio -where)
R.S: Our driveway in L.A. – The car hadn’t been started in years and we broke into it to use it for the shoot.

F311: Who was in charge of styling and hair & make-up?
R.S: The wonderful Sharon Gault & Ben Mohapi did hair & make-up and Philip Bush styled.

F311: Who do you admire? Why?
R.S: Too many people to be able to list here!!!!

F311: Any professional regrets?
R.S: Not that i would own up to…

F311: Finally, when will you come and visit our new Soho HQ’s?
R.S: As soon as I am next in Soho – looking forward to seeing the place!

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