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Inside 311 with Yossi Michaeli

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Factory 311 with Yossi Michaeli

F311: What was your inspiration for this shoot/image?
Yossi Michaeli: The theme of this particular issue of 125 magazine was “America”, my inspiration for the shoot was going towards American pop culture, mascots, etc.

F311: Are there things like music, art and culture that influence your work?
Y.M: Yes, I think it is more movies and music.

F311: Is there anyone you would like to work in the future with?
Y.M: Taste changes constantly, so I guess with whoever it will be right for that particular moment.

F311: Your favorite shoot to date? Why?
Y.M: I think my favorites are Vogue Taiwan beauty shoot – “Painters” I shot a couple of months ago…The 125 Heroes, which I also shot the cover for…And a 14 page editorial story I’ve shot for L’Officiel Brazil, in Punta del Este, Uruguay.
The Vogue Taiwan shoot I love is because it actually came out exactly as I’ve envisioned it, and it was all done with great harmony that included all that participated in the shoot – Model, styling, make up, hair, set…

F311: What was the location of this shoot? (If studio -where)
Y.M: Empire Hotel – NYC.

F311: Who was in charge of styling and hair&make-up?
Y.M: Styling – Shandi Alexander, Make Up – Deanna Melluso, Hair – Cecilia Romero.

F311: Who do you admire? Why?
Y.M: My family, for the support they have always given me…Photography wise I admire Guy Bourdin, Peter Lindberg, Helmut Newton.

F311: Any professional regrets?
Y.M: Not really, everything happens at the right moment.

F311: So when will you come and visit us at our Soho HQ’s?
Y.M: Would love to come visit and spend some time in London, I think it really depends on work at this stage…Which keeps me in NY and occasionally trips to Brazil as of now…As soon as you guys get me a job in the UK, I’ll be on the first plane =)

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