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Introducing…Yossi Michaeli

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

Some leave school and go to university; others take a gap year and those of us brave enough go straight into the work force. Image Licensing at FACTORY311 recently welcomed a photographer that combines all three. Educated at the university of life Yossi Michaeli is the latest addition to the F311 roster. Having bought a round the world ticket and travelled across Asia, the Pacific and South America Yossi soon got infected with the shutter bug fever. We got a chance to have a chat with Yossi welcoming him to FACTORY311 Image Licensing and to find out more about life work so far.

Yossi, a warm welcome to the FACTORY.

If you could, how would you describe your photographic style?
In general, I think I have always been drawn to a few different styles…Edgy, dark, futuristic, cinematic…But to be honest, I find my style to be changing constantly…When I first started shooting, I was more into a dark, strong, sexy mood, while lately I have been drawn more into a more cinematic, delicate, sometimes retro look…I still think that regardless of the phase I am into, and what interests me at a certain period of time, the overall look of my images is consistent, whether it be the colors, the way I like my models to be placed in the image, etc.

Here at FACTORY311 we have a couple of personal favourite shoots, what have been your favourite to shoot so far in your career? And why?

I think my favorites are the 125 Heroes, which I also shot the cover for…Punta, which is actually a 14 page editorial for L’Officiel Brazil, I shot in Punta del Este, Uruguay…And Rima, which is an editorial I shot in the Dead sea for German Style magazine.
125 Heroes I love because it was something which I have always wanted to shoot…I have always found everything medieval really interesting – The armors, the outfits, the hair…And this was a great opportunity to transform all these ideas into images.
L’Officiel Punta shoot I loved because the location was so amazing, the 2 models – Martha and Andressa – Were super fun and easy to work with, and I loved the styling.
Style Germany (Rima) shoot I love also because of the location, which for me is one of the most beautiful I’ve been to…I also like that bit of weirdness of the model, Rima. 
I do also love Maritza, Erin, Kelsea, Just – Pool and 125 America.
I have 2 new editorials coming out which I absolutely love – Beauty editorial for Vogue Taiwan, which is an interpretation of 4 famous painters, and a new editorial for 125 magazine’s ESCAPE issue which I just shot in downtown New York.

We’d like to know a little more about the life of Yossi?

I am originally from Israel, in my early 20′s I bought a round the world ticket, took a backpack and starting roaming the world…Asia, the Pacific, South America…That ignited the photography bug in me.
Naturally, at first it was many sunsets and mountains, but little by little I started exploring other aspects of photography – People, both candid and directed. I ended up living in Brazil for about 2-3 years, where I decided to pursue photography as my career…I moved to New York after that and have been there since.
Working in New York is great mainly because you get to work with truly amazing people…Stylists, hair, make up, models…Which makes your life easier. You can find almost anything, and in any time of the day.
I love the fact that you get to work with people from all around the world…My team usually consists of people of 5-6 different nationalities, which makes it always fun. 
New York has a certain energy which makes you be more creative, always be on top of your game, which is essential in our industry.

Who are the most influencial and inspirational people in your life?

People who inspired me in life are foremost my family – My parents and my sister…In photography, I love the works of Guy Bourdin, Peter Lindberg, Helmut Newton.

And working in Big City?

I work mainly in New York and Brazil, but was interested in exploring new markets and clients in the UK and the rest of Europe…I also absolutely love the editorial market there… So after doing some research and hearing about FACTORY311 from other friends, I got in touch and we started to work together…Looking forward for this working relationship to grow and evolve!

Check out our newest member on our Image Licensing Site…Yossi Michaeli Guys and Girls!

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