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Lionel Deluy shoots Joywride on the roof of FACTORY311

Wednesday, February 15th, 2012

LA based celebrity photographer Lionel Deluy spent sometime with the FACTORY311 family at their HQ in Soho, London last week, while visiting the UK for a shoot. Lionel was in the capital to photograph the Oscar winning actor Colin Firth, the star of The King’s Speech. Despite a busy schedule and a long flight, Lionel found plenty of time to hang-out, eat and explore London. “London is one of my favourite cities,” says Lionel.

“Even in winter, London looks great, visually unique with plenty of good places to shoot, great backdrops and architecture, lots of character.”

Coincidentally, at the same time an old friend of Lionel’s in Charlie Olins, a musician and musical composer of some note, with a good track record for working with great talent, was also hanging out at the 311 HQ. Charlie worked famously with Marc Cerrone, better known as Cerrone, the disco king, who has has sold over thirty million albums. In tow, was a new band in Joywride on Twitter and Facebook currently in the process of recording a debut single and album.

Charlie is acting as Executive Producer for the band, who he believes, along with FACTORY311, has great potential. Charlie is using his wealth of experience to nurture Joywride as they take their formative steps in the music world.

Three members of the band Ollie Wride (vocals / keyboards), Poppy Kavanagh (bass guitar / vocals) and Josh Dally (guitar / vocals) caught the eye of Lionel. A fourth, James Cross (drums / vocals), sadly had to miss out due to recording commitments. Lionel suggested a fun, impromptu photo shoot on a rather chilly FACTORY311 rooftop, which offers great panoramic views of London. Lionel, best known for shooting Hollywood’s great and good, really enjoyed the informal and spontaneous shoot.

The 311 crew jumped at the chance to act as temporary assistants to an internationally renowned photographer. “The band has a lot of energy and I love their look, very British, very London,” enthused Lionel.

Joywride’s debut single ‘Headrush,’ will be available in April. A debut album ‘21st Century Love’ follows in September.

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