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Tuesday, July 5th, 2011

Many Londoners will tell you that their favourite street style blog is Style Scout, but not everyone knows the man behind the camera and his posts. Robert Cassidy is the mastermind behind this very popular fashion and street style blog. The Style Scout is London’s longest running Street Fashion blog, documenting Street Fashion across the city. His eye for style and photography skills are impeccable, choosing to photograph those who have that ‘certain’ vibe emanating from them, and that are comfortable with their look. In today’s tech savvy generation, there is no excuse for any fashionista to not follow the bible blogs of street style religiously, and the first one on that list should be thestylescout.com. FACTORY311 decided to dig a little deeper into Cassidy’s personal style, the story behind his blog, what he loves about Street Style, and the fashion world.

To keep up to date with Robert Cassidy and who he thinks has ‘got it’, check out Style Scout and follow them on their facebook and twitter… Enjoy!

How did Style Scout come about?

To us it came about when Robert had a broken knee back in 2006 and
looking for things to help pass his time while he rested I came across
The Sartorialist. We were immediately hooked and once we found out
there were no London street style blogs at the time, we just had to
create one ourselves. We had just moved back from the US and were
hugely inspired by the amazing style of people in the streets of

What inspires you and your influences?

Stylish people who don’t take themselves too seriously and an endless
list of sites, blogs and magazines we avidly consume on a daily

Describe your personal style?

Right now, Robert is going through and “urban rustic” phase which
involves a lot of revamped clothing found in the back of his closet.
He has been through a mad phase of dying and stitching… My style is
always constant, a mix of classic American pieces with an European

How do you decide what people to photograph?

It has a lot to do with the vibe emanating from them. When someone is
comfortable with their look they shine and we pick up on that. It’s
our “style radar”.

What is the favourite street photograph you’ve taken, and what is the story behind it?

It was an image that was taken of Emilia Fox. Naturally, she had just attended Caroline Charles. I’m always searching for the definitive ‘English Rose” and my search may have concluded…I hope Madonna is in touch with her and that she going to appear in her up-coming movie

Because this woman in an open scene even as an extra, would set the tone and solidly place the movie in that period between the war… If your interested in that period read the diaries of “Chips” Channon or Duff Cooper(Channon as a lifestyle recorder, Cooper for everything else and both can write)

Favourite place to find street style? Most stylish capital?

Honestly discovering new areas all the time  for example yesterday around  evening I was around Lambs Conduit Street. Stylish people are everywhere xxx

Any Fashion no goes?

Not really…I am not a fan of overly revealing outfits, I prefer when
people leave it to the imagination but I think Robert has no “fashion
no goes” as far as I can tell.

The Future of Style Scout?

We would like to continue cataloguing people’s looks and building up
on our great archive. Perhaps we incorporate other cities in the
future and there is talk of a book as well…

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