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UKMCBO talks fashion, photography and Lady Gaga

Wednesday, February 8th, 2012

Thanks to the power of the internet FACTORY311 recently discovered the work of Venezuela based photographer Carlos Hernandez, better known as UK. Creative director of UKMCBO Photography, UK started to shoot mainly fashion photography around four years ago after studying in New York.

His showcase, a mix of commissioned and personal work, such as his ‘Men of Gaga’ series, is available via YouTube, following a decision to forsake a more formal website and portfolio for now.

FACTORY311 chatted with UK direct from Venezuela.

Q. Generally, how is the fashion scene in Venezuela?

Tough question to start with. I love my country and I certainly have my favourite designers, some who have decades in the business and some outstanding new artists.

Venezuela is known by the beautiful women who are usually in pageantry such as Miss Universe, which they actually win. The issue is that “scene” is so powerful that it takes over the top modelling world. Recently the situation has been changing, for good. Due to Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook more people in this beautiful country are deeply involved with fashion. It’s a revolution I’m living and it feels good.

Q. As a fashion photographer do you work mainly in Venezuela or internationally?

Since I started working as a fashion photographer it’s been half and half I’d say. I’m working in different places of the world, always open to travel, mostly cause it’s my biggest passion. I’d say there’s nothing like doing what you love in the right places, that is being where you have the professional team to create Fashion.

Q. Why have you taken to YouTube to promote your work?

I’ve had the ukmcbo.com domain since 2007 if I’m not mistaken. It reminded me a bit to Miles Aldridge’s website, a super fancy Flash based website, with different menus where you could choose to watch women or men, etc. but after analysing… people nowadays want to have it all in a heartbeat.

There’s nothing simpler than a short video, a YouTube one being so mainstream and reachable, it’s easy and you are able to my portfolio instantly. Believe me, the result has been better, others got tired of the loading process.

Q. Can you tell us the idea behind The Men of Gaga?

I’ll try to make this one shorter than I can. I’ve always been a fan of music and fashion. When I started my career as a fashion photographer, Lady Gaga came up in the scene as well, me being so inspired I decided to start my first big project, so I called it ‘The Men of Gaga’.

I didn’t want a woman to represent that Icon, so I wanted a twist, men playing a woman. I chose different men typology since for me, anyone can be a ‘Men of Gaga’, so everyone could relate to them. Each song has a feeling, and that is what the model, through my directing, shows throw the lens.

The main goal is for this project to be reached by the artist, and one day have the Iconic singer in front of my camera.

I invite you to watch the full project here.

Q. Finally, what are your hopes and plans for the future?

I just want to work with the best. I want to travel and learn from the masters of fashion so I can improve as a professional. I’m about to turn 27 and there is much I want to achieve in a short period of time. One of my hopes is to live in another country, fashion capitals of the world such as London, Paris, Milan, New York, Sao Paolo etc. Let’s see what the future has for me. I’m open for the universe to give me the best!

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