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Yulia Gorodinski

Friday, June 10th, 2011

Every day we get many photographers sending in their work and once in a while 1 captures our attention, and this special someone was Yulia Gorodinsk. At first you just think, wow what a great photographer, but then when you start to look and read into her images, you are more intrigued at the depth of beauty she puts into her photography.
Here is how Yulia Gorodinski describes herself to FACTORY311:

“I became interested in photography in 2007 whilst studying a degree in History and English Literature. A friend shared a link to Flickr website with me where I found girls taking their own photos. I was amazed by what I saw. It weren’t just photos, they were creative and professional, and they seemed very interesting to me so I wanted to do the same. I thought if I had the camera they have and editing software I will be able to produce such images as well and I will not need a photographer for that since it looked that it is possible to do it by yourself. Few months later I bought a DSLR and started experimenting. Of course at first my photos were not as I wanted them to be but through trial and error I gradually improved in terms of composition and technical skills. My initial reason for self-portraits was that I simply wanted to have interesting professional looking images of myself (as we all know many women like to have pictures of themselves) and what I liked about it is that I could afford it with DSLR. Having tripod and remote control gave me a complete control and therefore I didn’t need anyone’s help.

At that time I was quite lonely, though the situation is not much different now, I don’t have many friends, and most of the time I am alone. I didn’t have any genuine passion for anything. My life was rather boring, I didn’t do anything significant. So I found it very interesting going places and taking photos, thinking and trying to do something creative. Though when I talk about places I mean places only in my town, I don’t have a driving license so I go everywhere on foot, carrying a bag of clothes, shoes, props, camera and tripod. I also carry with me a tear spray since sometimes I go to abandoned and isolated from people locations by myself and it can be dangerous, you never know what kind of creep might be there. I have to take care of myself and my camera; sometimes it can be really stressful.

Quickly photography became more than just wanting to take my own photo. It is a way to express myself. Being lonely and melancholic made me want to convey my feelings and events I go through in my images. It makes me feel better and it is like a visual diary. There are many self-portraits that are autobiographical. Other than that I just like showing what I like doing, for instance swinging, or just taking photos if I have specific ideas that were inspired by music, light, props or other things. And sometimes I improvise at a location. I just like to create.

For me from the very beginning it was important to use interesting locations. I often feel like a tourist that goes abroad and wants her photo taken at a city sights. When I see an interesting location I feel like I want my photo to be taken there. I like to present some kind of narrative in my images. I strive to pose/ act as if I am doing something. I don’t like plain posing looking straight at the camera. Since facial expression is not my strong side and generally photos that are focused on a face I don’t find interesting, I like to concentrate on body language. I very much like using props and cool clothes as well.

I have never really photographed any models or other people; I just didn’t have a chance. I really want to but I have no one to photograph. Of course if I will take pictures of other people I am sure I am not going to stop taking self-portraits. It is more challenging being both in front and behind the camera, I like being a model in my own art, though I don’t like modeling for others, I really dislike it and find it boring. But when it is a self-portrait it is more personal and meaningful, and when I feel an urge to create I am always available. I like this experience; it is like a game to me.”

To see more of Yulia Gorodinski’s photography go have a look at her website.

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