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photography> SABINE LIEWALD


Born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany, Sabine Liewald was inspired by her grandfather, an amateur photographer, to take to photography herself. Her grandfather’s favourite model, she created an understanding of imagery at a young age from his various set-up compositions; smelling flowers, stood in front of huge tower blocks and so on.

After some lucky breaks she established herself in Zurich, then started traveling to Paris to push her career further. Not taking to the Parisian and French lifestyle, after several years Sabine changed her focus to New York, where she has been dividing her time between for the past 10 years.

Sabine is renowned for her outstanding talent at detailing the female form, through her fashion and beauty focused photography. She has a comprehensive portfolio exhibiting her expertise at exploiting contrast and depth in lighting and colour. Shooting for various magazines including ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar, her clean, crisp and stylish, high fashion imagery has given her great acclaim.